Our Philosophy

We strongly believe in Spreading Happiness in this world. There are lot of awesome stories , good deeds and acts of kindness that are overshadowed by negative things happening around. We want to create a platform wherein, everyone gets to indulge in good activities. Spreading goodness is just a spark which will end up as a bright light, in someone else’s life. It's not new that the mass media coverage are mostly about the negative things , and little importance is given to good things around us, as most of them believe in sensationalizing the dark aspects of the society. We believe The World of Goodness is out there. Sharing such beautiful and inspirational stories starts with US. Let’s bring joy by sharing what is good and positive. Let's make sure, people who are actually making a sincere effort to help others and to make this world a better place, get noticed and in turn try our best to be one among them. We are also strong believers of what thoughts you share or think of, ends up coming back to you. Do good and feel good. Your simple act of sharing goodness does make a greater impact in this world of goodness!!!

Share Goodness

You can Post or Share things around you, that you feel will create positive impact. It may be anything from People, Places, Events and Organizations.

Feed content

Allows you to share images,texts, quotes and links shared by others.

Share Categories

Feeds are in four categories namely -General, Geography, Environmental and Inspirational.

React to feed

You can react based on how you feel after reading the post, If you felt awesome, or it made your day or you were inspired by reading it etc. with emojis.

Goodness Index

It gives you a measure of your goodness index at the end of the day, based on the number of people you inspired and made them feel good.

Share on social media

You can share the GoodInx posts with your family and friends on other social media like facebook, whatsapp, twitter etc.

Report spam

If there is some post which is totally absured, then please feel free to report it as spam. That bad content will be removed immediately.

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Our app is now available on Google Play. We are working on bringing it to iOS and Windows soon, stay tuned.

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